Bridgeport man accused in Milford burglary attempt


MILFORD — Police arrested a Bridgeport man on an attempted burglary, after he allegedly attempted to break into a car, and hide in someone’s yard. According to Milford police, on Sunday, officers responded to Bridgeport Avenue near Ellis Street on the report of a possible burglary. Their investigation led to the arrest of Lawrence Daddario, 26, of Bridgeport, who was found hiding in a yard on Housatonic Drive. Police tracked him down with the help of the Stratford Police K-9 team. Daddario is accused of attempting to take items from a vehicle on Berwyn Street. Police said a local resident saw Daddario attempting to go through a vehicle, and contacted the police while following Daddario on Bridgeport Avenue.
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Bridgeport man accused in Milford burglary attempt

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