OP-ED | Out of Power, But Not Gone


I expected to feel overjoyed, or at least relieved. I thought I’d cry at the inauguration, I thought I’d feel like the world was lighter. But all I feel is empty, and I can’t really figure out why. The booting of Donald Trump from office was one of the few things this country has gotten right lately, and by God, it was so necessary. He was toxic, a metastasizing cancer in the body politic, and I just don’t understand anyone who pretended it was any other way. America is better with him out of power and off social media. But I can’t really start to process the past four years, not yet. Now that he’s gone and we have a “normal” administration in power, it’s starting to become clear just how much changed, how much was lost and how much we just let slide...

OP-ED | Out of Power, But Not Gone

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