OP-ED | Take It Easy on Students: Don’t Fail Them


I was working as a third-grade teacher when the coronavirus pandemic started. I’ve worked in schools in one capacity or another since I was 18, but nothing I experienced was as stressful as the transition from in-person school to online teaching. Students, teachers and parents were thrown into a new method of learning with only two weeks of lead time. In the background was a pandemic that was killing hundreds of people a day. So you know what I did? I took it easy on my kids. If they did their work, I looked at it and provided feedback. If they didn’t, no big deal. It didn’t make much sense to harp on crossing T’s and dotting I’s during a literal fight for survival. Many of my colleagues agreed, and it led to a major change in grading policy across...

OP-ED | Take It Easy on Students: Don’t Fail Them

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